... and then it was three

The third edition of "Incontro DevOps Italia" 2015 is over.

Some raw data

First, let the numbers speak by themselves:

  • 160 tickets sold,
  • 15 speakers,
  • ~10 organizers (BioDec's staff, Ideato, Grusp, Roberto Bettazzoni and Alessio Bragadini),
  • 4 silver sponsors, 3 media sponsors,
  • cost: 30 euro +VAT (lunch was just an extra 10 euro),
  • 1 dedicated web site,

adding all the people, the overall number of participants has been around 180 people, a +55% on 2014 and more than double of the first edition.The number of tracks and open sessions were more than the whole of the previous editions.

Me, pontificatingPeople, listening

Some considerations

  • People were interested in all the sessions, there were many questions and conversations.
  • People networked, but the open spaces were almost empty: this is an issue to think about.
  • People enjoyed the location, the food and getting to Bologna was not a real issue for many participants.
  • I got email from non-native speakers, asking if any track would be in English (there were none).
  • I forgot to print the feedback sheets that I usually left to the participants: please send any feedback to info@incontrodevops.it

So it was worth the effort, at least from my point of view, and BioDec's. My favourite moment was the "Facebook talking to Facebook" situation with Davide Bolcioni (Facebook, US) speaking to Angelo Failla (Facebook, Ireland) about their infrastructure, among an amazed audience.

FB tlaks to FB

Some random links:

See you next year ?

Why not ?