Looking back at Glustered 2018

My retrospective on the event

On Thursday 2018-03-08, the day before IDI2018 , the first edition of Glustered took place.

Twenty people showed up. Around half of them were new to Gluster and evaluating its adoption, while the other half comprised people with previous Gluster experience, from the novice up to the software-defined storage professional from Red Hat Italy.

In the morning there have been three tech talks. Niels presentation started from an introduction to Gluster, going through some of the latest features of the just-released Gluster 4.0, and finished illustrating what to expect from the 4.x road map. Marko did a live demo of gluster-colonizer , a brand new Ansible-based project to automatically provision Gluster clusters. Jiffin talked about what the duties of a release maintainer are, and did a live release of Gluster 3.12.

In the afternoon I did my part by illustrating most of the use cases I addressed as a consultant, while Ramon Selga from Datalab gave the audience a lot of information about disperse volumes and how to host virtual machines within Gluster volumes. Both sessions included lively discussion and questions from the audience. I liked it.

Being a first, I think the event has been a success.

Will there be another one? Possibly, if the community will keep showing interest. Although it would be nice to have a larger fraction of the attendance coming from outside Italy.