Management and maintenance of complex IT infrastructures.

Objectives: To manage and maintain GNU/Linux and Unix infrastructures, preserving the services continuity in every aspect: applications, systems and networks. To perpetuate and improve the business value of the IT services, through their monitoring, the profiling of their quality and the management of alerts and notifications.

Why: To guarantee business continuity and to promptly react to changes it is manadatory that every componente of an IT infrastructure be managed: changes can be internal, as request to provide a feature, or the growth of the business, or external, because of faults, errors or other accidents; BioDec's slogan is M.A.N.I.: Measure - Analyze - Notify - Investigate.

How: We use Nagios, Icinga, Check_MK and Shinken for alerting and to provide high level dashboard with the overview of the infrastructure, Graphite, Collectd and Stastd to collect every kind of metrics, Graylog2, Logstash and Elasticsearch, to build log analysis services and to consolidate the data. We have also built "local" search engines with tools as Solr and Nutch and we have a very wide experience in using versioning software to manage system configurations (Etckeeper, Git, Mercurial, Subversion).