Evolving ICT Infrastructures

Agile IT

Embrace changeĀ 

Techniques and tools from "Agile Methodologies" can successfully address problems of ordinary IT management.


Automate everything

Python libraries as Fabric and Salt and Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) engineered to configure many servers altogether (as Puppet, Ansible or CFEngine3) allow the efficient management of a great number of different servers.


The first Italian Bioinformatics company

Biodec writes bioinformatics software and offers consultancy for post-genomic research. Our BMS (Bioinformation Management System), is a LIMS based on the popular CMS Plone, that allows the management of laboratory data and molecular biology. Our biodecoders are custom state-of-the-art tools to annotate databases of biosequences.


Measure everything

Every infrastructure component must be monitored and measured. Only measures are meaningful to detect misconfigurations, faults and errors. Our slogan is: Measure - Analyze - Notify - Investigate.


Design and manage complex systems

Large data management, high performance computing, high services availability or large scale infrastructure design have many traits in commons: they are more often than not quite complex systems. BioDec has many years of experience in designing and building resilient software solutions with free software and open standards.


Software is key to better productivity

BioDec is a proud user of Python. We used Python for projects on the "Industrial Internet", to manage and optimize enterprise procedures and to automate business processes. We also use Pyramid, Plone and other mini-web frameworks; our software are often integrated with services like Riak, RabbitMQ, and modern databases as PostgreSQL.