Agile IT

Agile project management, mentoring and consultancy.

Objectives: To create software to manage projects in a smart, more agile, way, integrated with other existing business applications. We also offer our consultancy and mentoring services about  Agile IT.

Why: There is a traditional approach to management where separated business units work together for a common goal: programmers with programmers, sysadmin in their IT business unit, operations by themselves etcetera. That way - more often than not - does not mantain its promises of economies of scale, product quality, timeliness, customer satisfaction and on the contrary has communication overheads, coordination problems and frequent over-budgets. There are tools and techniques developed in the Agile Methodologies world thet can be successfully applied outside the software development and that can mitigate many of the problems that companies are facing.

How: We offer consultancy on the methodology and the business processes, to foster the capabilities of modern IT solutions. We develop customizations of tools like Redmine, Penelope and TRAC, and business report software as Jasper. We also do mentoring and coaching for our clients, and courses on specific issues like Python programming, Agile methodologies and project management techniques.