BioDec Agile approach

Starting from march 2012 BioDec has adopted an agile approach, with great results.

Since the beginning of 2012 we decided to improve our working methodology by including some agile techniques. Long story short: we adopted a mix of methodologies derived from Scrum and Kanban. Our tailored adaptation of various agile methodologies was presented at the Agile Day 2012 in Milan slides here.

BioDec has been following the evolution of agile methods since many years ago, by actively partecipating to conferences and by taking part into groups like the XP user group in Bologna (we host their mailing list).

Our company has a long term experience in different IT fields, including project and program management so we started using some methods not
directly linked to software development. This resulted in a series of guidelines, best practices and custom configurations of our Redmine server. Such guidelines include bi-weekly working iterations and the use of an issue tracker which resembles a kanban board.

This general improvement of our working methodology produced a 20% growth of our business in the 2012, despite the economical crisis.

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