Energy simulation

A software to determine the optimal configuration for a building.

We realized a software solution, based on several Python-coded custom components, to help determining the best configuration for small scale energetic production systems (i.e. buildings, schools, gyms, swimming-pools, etcetera). We provided our client (a company that installs systems for energy production) with a solution to calculate:

  • the simulation of energy conversion cycles,
  • analysis of alternative configurations of energy plants, processes and components,
  • integration of energy conversion and energy production processes,
  • optimization of the overall efficiency of the system.

The software also takes care of economical aspects of a solution, including "Conto Energia" subsidy, managements costs and mortgage costs.

The software is available through a web interface that allows to perform various actions, like changing environment variables, the model of heating / cooling engines, etcetera.

The code is written in Python, including the model component that was ported from Matlab. A PostgreSQL database tracks the data used by a control web dashboard realized using Flask.